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How to level up your first job game

Let Capital One help you kick your career off to a great start with these first job tips.

Date: July 31, 2019 | Young Star

Also published in Journal Online

Congratulations! After all the hard work you’ve put in school, you’ve finally graduated, and this is just the beginning of the next stage of your life. It’s time to take everything that you have learned from school and put it to work. As a company that invests in its associates so that they could be equipped to excel in their work, Capital One Philippines is a good place to start for Gen Zs, especially if you’re looking for a career in the financial services industry. Here you will find plenty of opportunities to grow and learn more from your leadership team, mentors, co-workers, and from continuing education programs. Let Capital One help you kick your career off to a great start with these first job tips:

Be ready to work.

It’s your first job! Understand what is expected of you in 30, 60, 90 days and plan this out. Look into the things you need to do and the people you need to meet. Walk into the ‘real world’ armed and ready with your own goals. Set milestones for yourself to keep track of your progress. Be confident but ready to learn. Be yourself, but do your homework so you can make the best first impression.

Feedback is your friend.

Good communication is always valued in any job. While it’s important to be clearly understood by your colleagues, remember that communication goes both ways: listen well too. Don’t be scared to ask questions and to seek feedback, especially when you’re starting out. When taken the right way, feedback helps you improve in your job and foster a good working relationship with your colleagues. Communication is key!

Don’t let problems get you down.

You will encounter challenges at work on a regular basis — that’s just part of the job. Learn to look at them as opportunities to step up. Solving problems is not just about reacting and creating quick fixes. Take the time to understand and analyze the situation first. Create a network and tap into the right people who can help you become resourceful in solving issues and verifying facts before you make recommendations or decisions. Take steps to ensure that the problem doesn’t happen again.

Think before you leap.

Critical thinking is another important asset you need to develop to be excellent in your work. Sometimes, taking the initiative to make the decision yourself would be the right move, while other times you would need to talk to your colleagues for the solution. Part of critical thinking is looking at the big picture, connecting the dots, and analyzing the possible impact of your decisions. It’s also knowing when you can decide on your own and when to ask for help.

Many heads are better than one.

Teamwork works! Collaborating with people inside and outside of your team often helps you come up with better results — especially when you work with people who challenge you to think outside of the box. Always ask for help before it’s too late.

Embrace accountability.

Stand out by being that person that could be counted on to finish a task or project well — or to not shirk from taking responsibility when it doesn’t go well. Accountability can take you from good to great and it is the most important and valued quality to develop early in your career.

Capital One Philippines always puts people first — the firm is focused on changing banking for good by delivering the best experiences not just for its customers, but also for its associates. Here, great talent is not just about having the technical skills for the job; it’s also about your ability to consistently strive for excellence while doing the right thing in everything that you do. Whether you’re only starting your career or already rising among the ranks, these tips from Capital One will help you succeed no matter where you go.

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