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Inclusivity in the workplace

Capital One Philippines highlights value of strategic community partnership

Date: December 7, 2017 | Malaya Business Insight

Within every organization, the people bring the culture to life with their personality, compassion, life and work styles, and values. In a diverse workplace where differences can make or break a company, it is vital to support the needs of all associates and encourage them to bring their whole selves to work, providing them with an avenue to grow personally and professionally, according to Pete Hayden, Capital One Philippines Support Services Corp.’s general manager.

With its passion to contribute to the success of the organization while supporting its Diversity strategy, Capital One Philippines setup various Business Resource Groups (BRGs) which aim to develop diverse talent and leverage associates’ differences. The company’s BRGs offer programs, resources and tools which enable its associates to achieve their full potential in an environment that values the differences in the workplace.

“In Capital One, promoting our associates’ wellbeing comes in different forms: encouraging them to pursue their passion, strengthening their support system in the workplace, and supporting their lifestyle. For example, we have a BRG that promotes healthy lifestyle and wellness to our associates by providing them with facilities such as a gym and a food station with healthy snacks,” adds Hayden. “Sports sessions like jiu-jitsu, crossfit, football, basketball, and volleyball sessions, as well as yoga classes and wellness seminars happen regularly at the company’s two sites in Alabang.”

Associates also need a place where they can feel empowered so that they too, can empower others. For example, the Women’s BRG and LGBTQ+ BRG OutFront Philippines empower its members to express and develop themselves within the group. While the Women’s BRG empowers women associates, OutFront Philippines was formed to raise awareness about the issues concerning LGBTQ+ associates and foster open communication with Capital One executives.

Together, Capital One Philippines’ BRGs serve a greater purpose - to fulfill the company’s Investing for Good (IFG) philosophy with its commitment to enhance the wellbeing of its partner communities. With the company’s IFG unit, associates are given the opportunity to find more meaning at work by helping others including families in Don Bosco Calauan, Laguna, underprivileged youth in Tuloy Foundation in Alabang, and students in Alabang Elementary School.

“Diversity and inclusion have been an important part of Capital One’s culture from the beginning. We encourage all of our associates to find a group that supports their passion and join together to celebrate their own individuality and the unique qualities of all of their co-workers,” shared Hayden. “Capital One believes that promoting inclusion in the workplace brings out the very best in all our associates, and that, in turn, strengthens teamwork and adds value to their work and to the communities we work with.”

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