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Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Culture in the Workplace

Capital One Philippines empowers men and women to be allies at work

Date: May 31, 2019 | The Philippine Star

In recent years, companies have grown in leaps and bounds in championing diversity in the workplace, especially when it comes to empowering and offering equal opportunities regardless of gender. Capital One Philippines is especially intentional in its goal to have a fully inclusive work environment, where associates can realize their full potential and thrive where they are respected, understood, and empowered.

EmpowHer, the Women’s Network, is one of the Business Resource Groups (BRG) of Capital One Philippines. The BRG held a special event to celebrate women in the workplace featuring a talk with husband and wife team Richard Poon and Maricar Reyes.

While Richard and Maricar are a celebrity couple, they are also known for their openness about their relationship and journey together as husband and wife. Through their Youtube channel “Relationship Matters”, they talk about their marriage and tackle the challenges a husband and wife face on a regular basis. The duo brought their own brand of candid wisdom to the discussion, sharing what they have learned from their mentors and from each other.

The couple pointed out that while their personalities may be from different ends of the spectrum, they make sure to find ways to make each other better. “One of the things that Richard does is to empower me to stand up for myself when I have to,” Maricar shared. “That’s one of the things I appreciate about my husband; he helps me see things from another perspective. He calls out instances when he feels I’m being treated unfairly and he backs me up.”

“She also helps me slow down and stay calm whenever I grow impatient,” Richard adds.

Maricar agrees, “We complement each other and bring out each other’s strengths. This applies to the workplace too. No matter how different you are from each other, you could always find ways to work together.”

Inclusion in the workplace brings out the very best in all associates. This, in turn, strengthens teamwork and adds value to the tasks they accomplish and to the communities they work in. “We can lessen stress and disagreements by understanding and appreciating how different we are from one another,” Richard added. “Male allies, let’s find ways to help our female co-workers become the best they could be.”

Maricar continued, “We women bring our own strengths to the workplace. We have our own way of looking at situations and even finding solutions. Own your insights and opinions. Go ahead and let yourself be heard!”

With a workplace as big and as diverse as Capital One’s, associates are encouraged to find a group that supports their passion, and band together to celebrate their own individuality and the unique qualities of all of their co-workers. These reminders will go a long way in further fostering a safe and empowering work environment where all genders support one another in their pursuit of excellence in and outside of the workplace.

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