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Capital One nurtures associates’ diverse interests

BusinessWorld Print, March 10, 2020

Also published in The Daily Tribune Print and Online in March 11, 2020 with the headline “A workplace that nurtures”

While there has always been a blurred line between work and personal life, that line has all but disappeared thanks to the rapid rate of innovation in communication technology and social media.

Capital One recognizes that employees today thrive when they’re able to bring more of themselves to their work and to the workplace.

One of the ways Capital One enables associates live their best lives and pursue their interests and hobbies is by joining various Interest Clubs: from performing, cooking, travel and photography, to several sports clubs formed by people who want to race triathlons, compete in jiu-jitsu, play basketball, volleyball, and even esports.

“We believe that a huge part of our success is having inspired associates who are free to pursue their interests in the workplace,” said Peter Hayden, Capital One Philippines’ General Manager. “We’re more productive and competitive when our associates willingly bring a diverse wealth of talent, insight, and creativity to the table.”

Here’s how a nurturing and supportive environment helped associates pursue their interests even at work – making them better at managing their professional and personal lives:

They are motivated to be better at their workplace because they feel valued by their leaders

“We see our leaders attend our games,” shared Shulamite “Shula” Dalid, a Project Manager and one of the founding members of the Football Club. “It’s a boost to your work. Seeing that kind of wholehearted support, how could you not work better?”

Shula Dalid proudly poses with her team’s football trophy

Aside from watching the games, leaders also show other forms of support. “Capital One treats its people very well. For Interest Clubs, senior leaders don’t just provide funding but also support our events. They also listen to us and give us the avenue to voice our feedback,” added Nathaniel “Nats” Talubo, an Operations Senior Unit Manager.

Their network in the company grows, facilitating better collaboration across all functions

“The clubs give us an opportunity to work with other people outside of our teams,” John Michael “Myk” Conchada, a frontline associate, shared.

John Michael Myk Conchada on the job as a photographer covering an event

“Because I’ve met different people from my club, every time I need insight from someone from another team or another department, I know who to ask for help.”

They get better at time management

“Being part of an interest group does not mean that you can miss work. We still have deliverables and responsibilities. It’s not about finding time, but you make it so it’s part of your life,” Nats explained. For associates, interest club activities help them be more focused and mindful in managing their schedule and be more efficient at work.

They have more energy to aim for bigger goals

One of the immediate benefits of exercise is more energy, but more than that, the interest clubs –particularly the sports groups– help associates develop perseverance to reach for their goals. “And when you reach that,” Shula shared, “then you aim higher. You don’t stop once you’ve reached your goals, you keep on aiming higher.”

They have more avenues to learn and apply their knowledge and skills

Interest clubs allow leaders to integrate their work with their interests and vice versa. Shayne Gipulan, a Unit Manager and one of the leaders of the dance interest club said, “I was able to use my training in coaching people to coach my dancers. At the same time, when we gather or meet up for practice or other activities, we’re able to share our work experiences with each other.”

Shayne Gipulan performing with the Guild Dance at one of Capital One’s Yearstarter parties

They are empowered to share their interests for good

Capital One Philippines supports several local communities and they engage the interest clubs to help their partners. Sports clubs hold quarterly sports clinics for Don Bosco in Calauan, Laguna and Haven for Children. “Being able to share their passions to inspire underprivileged children to pursue sports is rewarding for us, not just for our work, but also for our souls,” Nats said.

Myk added, “By officially supporting its associates in their various interests, Capital One has transformed the workplace experience for us — its associates — for the better.” This way, many of the associates thrive in their chosen career paths.

“The reality is, you can’t separate work and life. It’s not just about striking the balance, it’s about finding ways to help our associates integrate the two. We want to give people the freedom to express themselves and do the things they love,”said Mr. Hayden. “This way, we give them more things to look forward to. Work is seen not just as a place to build a career; it’s a place to nurture and grow a more meaningful and purposeful life.”

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