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Capital One Philippines Fosters A Healthy Workplace Through Associate Wellness Program

Published on May 15, 2024

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“Having a daughter whose love language is quality time, she lives for our mother-daughter quality time (QT!) However, there are days when we have to forego our time together as I need to make time for other priorities. Thank God for IIYD! It gave me an extra day last Monday to make up for that time,” shares associate Shaui delos Santos.

Another associate, Brent Tolentino, echoes, “Kicking it off with flat white coffee on a relaxing Monday morning, reading my all-time favorite book, I’m glad and very appreciative that Capital One Philippines is giving us an opportunity to have this extra time to invest in ourselves.”

Shaui and Brent are one of the many Capital One Philippines associates who enjoy Invest in Yourself Day (IIYD), a program that gives associates some time to dig into learning or prop up their feet for some much-deserved rest.

“Capital One Philippines is all about being the best we can be,” says Capital One Philippines Head of Country Joseph “JP” Paperman. “And IIYD is one of the many ways we enable that. It’s a day dedicated to just taking a break, learning something new, or whatever helps you recharge. When we take care of ourselves, we come back feeling refreshed and ready to tackle anything. It’s like hitting the restart button and coming back even stronger – which is an excellent way to work.”


Invest in Yourself Day (IIYD) is part of Capital One Philippines’ overall associate wellness program. Associates have the option to pursue personal goals and activities, leverage Capital One’s learning and development offerings, or pursue personal advocacies by joining Business Resource Groups (BRGs) or Capital One PH’s community outreach efforts.

“We continue to explore initiatives and programs dedicated to strengthening and nurturing the potential of our associates,” said Capital One Philippines Director of Human Resources Phil Bravo. “Combining IIYD with a suite of learning and development options, and activities that enable self-care and mental health hopefully makes it more impactful and meaningful to our teams.”

Meanwhile, Chief Technology and Shared Services Officer Von Ramos shares that the physical workspaces and tech environments at Capital One PH have been recalibrated and updated to match how associates work and connect.

“IIYD also provides an opportunity for our teams to connect offline, and so we invested in redesigning and updating our physical workplace such as collaboration areas and meeting rooms to give associates more avenues to connect in-person.”

According to Von, integrating the physical workplace with the virtual environment is key in empowering teams to use their IIYD. “We also continue to enhance our existing tools and systems to allow associates to manage their workload and time efficiently and achieve work-life balance.”

“Our hope is that alongside IIYD, these physical workplace and technology improvements further enhance the way we work and inspire our associates to continue investing in their future at Capital One.”